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Knowledge Partnership Programme

Designed and implemented by IPE Global Pvt. Ltd on behalf of the Government of UK's Department for International Development (DFID), the Knowledge Partnership Programme (KPP) aims to produce and disseminate high quality research and analysis products, share Indian and global evidence on policies that impact development outcomes and support advocacy towards strengthening policy design and implementation. The programme has promoted sharing of Indian evidence, best practices and expertise with Low Income Countries in order to facilitate evidence-gathering and uptake.

The programme has prioritised the following areas for engagement: (a) food security, resource scarcity and climate change; (b) trade and investment; (c) health and disease control; (d) women and girls; and (e) development effectiveness. The aim is to step up collaboration around ideas, knowledge, evidence, accountability, technology and innovation between UK, India and the developing countries of Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia. The work under the programme focuses on Indian policy and practice with the explicit intention of developing India-Global networks, strategies and sectors to promote knowledge exchange through south – south collaboration.

For more information, please visit: www.ipekpp.com