The Ultimate Guide to the Football Betting Apps 2021

It is hard to imagine the life of a modern person without mobile gadgets. Compact devices are undeniably convenient, as they allow people to stay connected and follow world events online. Sports competitions are no exception, and neither is sports betting. With a large selection of virtual bookies available today, it is difficult to decide which one of them is worthy of your time and investments.  Experienced punters are focused solely on finding the best football betting app of today.

The best bookmakers keep up with the times and actively promote the mobile segment of the market. If a sportsbook does not pay enough attention to the development and promotion of official mobile applications, it makes sports bettors doubt the quality of such a gambling resource.

Luckily, the majority of online betting shops can show off the presence of mobile programs for portable gadgets. From a slew of mobile apps from bookmakers providing football betting, we have selected the top three most secure and convenient to use.

Betfred Betting App

Betfred is a well-known British sportsbook, and its mobile app is listed among the leaders of the industry of mobile betting. With the use of this program, avid gamblers will be able to make stakes on both current events and virtual football matches. The topnotch application from this bookmaker allows its users to enjoy in-play betting and a host of enticing bonuses and promos, as well as supports different payment methods. The layout of the Betfred mobile program is user-friendly, so it won’t be challenging for you to use it. The app can be launched on portable gadgets running on all existing operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.

UniBet Betting App

UniBet is a fairly young gambling resource, which satisfies the gambling needs of both passionate sports fans and online casino “goers.” The mobile application from this web-based bookie supports all entertaining features and technical functions of the original platform. Thus, the users of UniBet app can try their luck at online poker and bingo, plenty of sports bidding options, including live bets, and savour many other gambling games. The program is mainly compatible with mobile devices equipped with iOS and Android systems.

Ladbrokes Betting App

The last but certainly not least is a high-quality mobile program from Ladbrokes – one of the oldest and the most reputable betting and gambling companies in the world. The famous British sportsbook endows venturesome gamblers with the opportunity to push their luck at myriads of casino games and slot machines, along with a decent selection of sports betting features. All the exciting gaming offers of Ladbrokes can be easily reached through its official mobile application. The latter also supports numerous deposit/withdrawal options, in-play betting, cyber gaming, and a realm of beneficial bonuses and promotions to add to your gambling experience. Ladbrokes betting app runs perfectly on all Android-, iOS-, and Windows-powered devices.

Where do I download football betting apps 2021?

In most cases, mobile programs from reputable online bookmakers are available for all popular operating systems. Of course, the majority of them are Android- and iOS-based applications, with a small number of programs running on Windows-equipped devices. Even though you probably know how to download and install these football betting apps, we would like to remind you that:

  • You can download sports bidding applications for your iPhone or iPad only from the Apple Store. Sometimes, the official website of the chosen bookmaker will share the link to the Apple Store so that you won’t need to look for the program yourself.
  • You can download betting apps for your Android smartphone and tablet from the Google Play Store and external resources. However, keep in mind that an installation file downloaded from a third-party site may not only be an unofficial version with operational issues but also carry some danger to your device.
  • You can download gambling and betting programs for portable gadgets equipped with other operating systems from external websites as well. For Windows-powered devices, look them up at the Microsoft Store.

How to Calculate Betting Odds in 2021

One of the first concepts that betters come across on the booking website is the bet odds. In other words, this is the bookmaker’s calculation data, which estimates each bet in a sportsbook. In fact, it’s simple enough to understand what the chances of both rivals to win are. You can also independently calculate the coefficient for different events. After all, if the bet is played, then the final win will depend on it. Experts provide their customers with the whole range of useful features for betting odds calculation. Here is the example of the most popular and simple in use way.

What are the sports betting odds?

Among the various terms that are used in online betting sports betting odds is one of the most spread. This term means the probability of a particular outcome of the event from the point of view of the bookmaker. If a match, race, fight or some other kind of competitions is predictable, both the odds on the favorite and the profit from such a bet will be low. The lower the probability of an event (for example, a bet on an outsider), the higher the proposed odds will be, but the risk is correspondingly very high.


Methods of betting odds calculation

Modern bookmakers, as well as skilled betters (punters), pay much attention to the calculation of betting odds. As a rule, the following types are available:

  • This method is often used by professionals. Its specialty is in deep study of statistics that is necessary for the final result.
  • This variant is quite easier, and it is suitable for betters which do their first steps. Heuristic betting odds calculation is based on the study of other betters and betting experts’ predictions.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the odds set in the sportsbook already contain a «profit in profit» — the so-called bookmaker’s margin. So the true probability of the event will be slightly higher than that shown by the coefficient.

How to calculate odds and profit?

Sports betting is seen by bookmaker customers as a way to make money. So, it is quite important for new customers to understand how to calculate a possible win. Here is the example of classic format of such calculation. According to it, profit is determining by the following way: bookie’s customer multiplies the amount of the bet by the odds proposed in the sportsbook. Let’s consider such an example:

Bookmaker’s customer bets 20$ on a football match between Manchester City and Chelsea with a coefficient of 1.70, the clear profit will be 14$. The calculation is made according to the simplest formula — 20 x 1.70 – 20 (bet amount) = 14.

According to the bet line Manchester City is a clear favorite, though its superiority is not high. In the case of a draw or Chelsea’s win, the bet will lose accordingly. The higher the proposed ratio, the higher the amount of possible winnings, but the risk of losing will increase in the same progression.

Another important thing is that every new better have to learn how to translate odds into percentages. This is quite important for independent assess of teams’ chances. Let’s consider another example with the following data:

Arsenal win — 3.05, draw – 4.5 Chelsea win – 2.00. To determine what probability the bookmaker sees in one outcome or another, you need to divide 100% by odds. As a result we have:  

  • Arsenal – a chance of winning 32.78% (100 / 3.05);
  • Chelsea – 50% chance of winning (100/2);
  • Draw – 22, 2% (100 / 4.5).


So, the ability for clear betting odds calculation is very important feature. Betters who can do this have quite more chances for good results than those who have not such a skill.